Redefining Excellence

June can be an overwhelming month for parents, students, and educators alike.If you are feeling the stress and pressure for your child to “catch up” or “be ahead”, it can help to reflect on what that really means and what the end-goal truly is. Is it wealth, fame, happiness, love, family, or a combination of these?

In a world where AI and VR are becoming increasingly prevalent in the workplace and our homes, what does academic excellence even look like? With calculators in our pockets and AI capable of writing essays in seconds, is a perfect score on a standardized test from a bygone era really the pinnacle of achievement? 

Perhaps the future demands a different set of skills. Will ‘soft skills’ like creativity, empathy, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving be more valuable than ever?

Will the ability to connect with others and the natural world be what sets our children apart in a world dominated by technology?Will the children who have the academic and social-emotional skills that technology can’t easily replicate be the ones who stand out and come out on top?

We think so.

Kristi Kraychy, Head of School