Admission Guidelines

Are We Right For Your Family?

A thriving community is important to us: an open mind and eagerness to learn are essential qualities in creating a safe, respectful and empathetic school community of Changemakers. 

Our students are challenged to meet and exceed grade-level work in a hands-on project-based, active, and collaborative environment. Students must be willing to put in their best effort, try new things, and work well with others.

Changemaker Families must support an approach to education rooted in curiosity, outdoor play, creativity, wellness, empathy, exploration, flexibility, critical thinking, innovation and joy!

We believe that diversity enriches us all and that a variety of perspectives and experiences are invaluable to growth and learning. We welcome families and students from all backgrounds, family structures, orientations, faiths, and belief systems. 

What do we offer?

  • A warm, compassionate and supportive learning environment.
  • Small class sizes.
  • Challenging and creative projects that requires a mind that enjoys depth and complexity.
  • A portion of our learning and play time each week is spent outdoors and/or in nature.
  • Offering choice, voice and challenge in student learning.
  • Learning that is designed and tailored to student interests and passions.
  • A strong emphasis on wellness, leadership, empathy, creativity and Changemaking
  • Specializing in enrichment and supports for gifted (code 80) students.

As a small school, we're not able to accommodate...

We strive to be an inclusive and welcoming school for all, but we are not a designated special needs school. Therefore we do not have the resources, funding or expertise to appropriately support some students, including: 

  • Students with behaviour challenges, oppositional defiance, or any history of aggression or physical violence.
  • Students who require 1:1 support.
  • Students who require nursing staff or who are considered medically fragile (unless the family provides their own support person).
  • Students who may be a flight risk or danger to themselves or others in an outdoor learning environment.

Please contact us prior to application if your child has complex or special needs. We will be happy to discuss whether your child will benefit from our program, and, if necessary, share our list of special needs schools that may be a better fit.