Why Changemaker School?

What is a Changemaker School?

We are a one-of-a-kind school prioritizing health and wellness, creativity, critical thinking, and leadership.

With our unique K-6 program , our Grade 8 Leadership Academy and our emphasis on Outdoor Learning students develop the skillset they need for a changing world. We aim to nurture a sense of purpose, so children can develop the confidence and initiative to thrive in any setting and drive meaningful, positive change in whichever corner of the world they choose. 

While every path looks different, our end goal is clear: we cultivate students as Changemakers. This does not mean we all share the same views but we learn how to self-reflect, debate respectfully, collaborate and communicate effectively and come up with creative solutions to problems understanding multiple perspectives. 

As a school community (students, staff, parents, supporters) we are: co-creators, curious learners and catalysts of change.


The Calgary Changemaker School is an accredited independent school with oversight from our own Board of Directors and Alberta Education. School leadership is committed to an aligned vision around our unique Changemaker approach to education.