A Day in the Life of a Changemaker Student

Schedule and Daily Activities

Calgary Changemaker School is vibrant and active! Our difference is found in our small class sizes, our dedicated inter-disciplinary project-blocks, teachers that prioritize relationships, creativity, and critical thinking—and time spent outdoors each day!

We feature “Wellness Wednesday” and “Flex Friday” activities, as well as other engaging and joyful learning opportunities that round out the school day, week, and year, including:

  • Weekly Forest School and Field Trips
  • Choice Clubs
  • Outdoor Education/Physical Education
  • Band, General Music, Dance and/or Drama Options
  • Interdisciplinary Projects 
  • Spanish Option
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)
  • World Explorations and Travel Studies 
  • Leadership Opportunities

Be sure to scroll down for a photo tour of a day in the life of a Calgary Changemaker student… but we also hope you’ll come visit and see for yourself!

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Homeroom is a time for students and teachers to transition into the school day with a focus on relationship building and connection.

With our math and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) programs, there is plenty of time for lessons and practice as well as exploration, experimentation and project work.

Assembly is a school-wide, student-led and in-person gathering time intended as an exploration of the ‘Changemaker Topic of the Week’, general announcements, celebrations, guest presenters, and working together to solve problems.

All students engage with English Language Arts and Literacy programs. There is plenty of time for daily foundational literacy lessons, reading and writing practice, and joyfully creative hands-on project work.

In our Performing Arts option blocks and Flex Friday clubs we explore classical and contemporary forms of dance and creative movement, drama games, storytelling, singing, instrumental music (band) and music composition. The emphasis is on self-expression, building confidence, and understanding how performance techniques can improve public speaking and leadership skills. 

In Physical Education/Outdoor Education we learn about and practice a variety of sports and outdoor recreation activities, develop physical literacy and coordination, understand teamwork and good sportsmanship, improve leadership skills, invent games, and become responsible outdoor enthusiasts. Our physical education and outdoor education classes are held outdoors.

In our one-of-a-kind World Explorations Program, students are encouraged to explore a country, culture and/or language that they are passionate about or that connects them to their family history in some way. Through hands-on exploration, virtual travel programs and special guests, our students develop empathy and a deeper connection to the world as a global citizen. At their own pace, many students will challenge themselves to build conversational skills in their chosen language.

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Project Block is a time for students and their teachers to blend all of the subjects together and explore their interests and academics in greater depth. In addition to STEAM projects (integrated science, technology, engineering, arts, math), students work on their Changemaker projects and are supported in building Changemaker skills such as critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. Students are often encouraged to follow their own interests and passions to create projects that are meaningful to them within the academic guidelines set out by their teachers.