To create a love of learning and a foundation to thrive for life.

 A school for creative dreamers, curious explorers, and courageous innovators.

Calgary Changemaker School is a small not-for-profit, accredited K-8 independent school. Prioritizing empathy, wellness, and time outdoors, we offer an exceptional educational experience designed to develop creative, curious, and courageous leaders who love to learn. 

This was the Calgary Changemaker School’s final academic year. Financial sustainability issues, exacerbated by COVID, changes in funding, and lower-than-needed enrollment, led to this difficult decision.
We are thankful for the overwhelming support received from our community as well as from the educators, and leaders in Calgary’s independent school community.
As a registered charity, we have committed to donating everything we can to qualified donees (other registered charities and accredited schools) that are focused on children’s wellbeing and education. While this transition is hard, it brings us joy to know that our furniture, structures, and school materials will continue to serve in a variety of supportive and caring environments.
As we navigate this transition, we will carry forward the valuable experiences and lessons from our time at Calgary Changemaker School. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We are forever grateful for the love and support we have received.For further updates, please visit our social media pages.